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The Black Tie Guide is the world's foremost authority on men's formal wear, unparalleled in scope by anything available in print or online.  It is the primary resource cited by (and linked from) Wikipedia's "Black Tie" article which in turn is the most popular source for tuxedo information on the Web1.  As the definitive destination for tuxedo etiquette and style, it draws over 90,000 unique visitors per month2.   



A Discriminating Audience


Advertising on The Black Tie Guide provides direct access to a well-educated, high-income audience.  An overview of visitor demographics is provided annually around March on The Black Tie Blog.

Site Sponsorship


Exclusive or semi-exclusive sponsorship of the site is awarded on an annual basis on August 1.  The cost is based on a flat monthly fee.


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Because of their prominent placement, ads must be designed to complement the site's design and feature quality goods or services appropriate to the site's content and/or audience. 


For more information or to be placed on the bidder's list please contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of this page.



"Buying Guide" Ads (2013 Rate Card)


Take advantage of strategic marketing through this site's Buying Guide which caters specifically to readers who want to put their newfound knowledge to use and purchase their own formal wardrobe.  Its unbiased advice pertains to all consumers, whether seeking the lowest cost or the highest quality, and places a special emphasis on hard-to-find classic accessories that are of great appeal to black-tie aficionados. 


size & cost

  • 180 X 150 pixels: US$350 per year

  • US$150 surcharge for premium placement - see details following

  • rates are subject to change

  • note: 170 X 255 pixel ads are no longer available




design & content

  • ads are to be provided in electronic format (in desired size) by the advertiser and are subject to our approval in order to maintain the site's standards

  • each ad will be hyperlinked to a URL of the advertiserís choice

payment, other

Payment is to be made via PayPal semi-annually or as a single lump sum.  Complete details will be included in the advertising agreement provided by The Guide.


Please note that these ads are simply hyperlinked JPEG images.  We do not use any third-party services to track traffic.



Text Link Ads

In order to maintain the editorial integrity of the web site, The Guide does not accept text link ads.



Contact Me


To obtain more details or to purchase ad space please e-mail me.



1 searches for tuxedo and black tie on Google and Bing consistently list Wikipedia's "Black Tie" article as the most popular result; searches for black tie regularly list The Black Tie Guide as the second most popular result

2 average number of unique visitors from October 2013 through December 2013 according to Google Analytics






































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