Recent Updates


Note: Because formalwear etiquette is by nature slow to change (the very term "formal" is defined as a preservation of form and tradition), the Guide only requires a comprehensive update every five years or so.  In the interim, readers looking to keep abreast of current formal trends should check out the Guide's companion, The Black Tie Blog.


June 4, 2014


Evening dress gloves are now included in the Vintage Accessories page.


April 16, 2014


A three-page Quick Guide has been added for readers just looking for the bare bones of tuxedo etiquette and style.


December 17, 2013


A history of mufflers and dress shirt protectors has been added to the Vintage Outerwear page.


July 10, 2013


A Vintage Footwear page has been added. Now the only outstanding page in the Vintage section is a page for tailcoats and tuxedos.  That will follow in the fall.   T


July 1, 2013


The Vintage Shirts page has been significantly expanded.


January 24, 2013


I've added a page to cover the last fringe aspect of black-tie: women's tuxedos.