Style Basics: Men's Wear 101

A man should look as though he has chosen his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.

Sir Hardy Amies

The dearth of good sartorial advice today affects not just the exclusive realm of formal wear but also the general domain of tailored menís wear.  All too often sales clerks put their own priorities first, focusing on the selling the latest fads and minimizing alterations rather than determining what is best for the customer.


Therefore this section will explain the basic elements of style so that buyers can select a tuxedo that will best flatter their general build as well as remain fashionable for years to come.  It will also review the fundamentals of proper fit so that whether purchased or rented, the selected dinner suit can perfectly complement their specific physique.  The end result should be a tuxedo which appears born into rather than borrowed.