Flashback: The Continental Tie

Groomsmen at a 1964 wedding.

In America in the late 1950s the traditional boxy and bulky cuts of English suits gave way to the slimmer and more youthful Italian cut which became known as the Continental Look.  To complement this new streamlined style of tuxedo, formalwear manufacturers introduced the continental tie, a wide strip of black silk or satin that crossed over at the throat where it was held together by a snap or decorative pin.

These ties are actually still available from some western-themed retailers today.  I wouldn’t wear one to a black-tie gala but I think it would look sharp on a young groom or prom date with a Mad Man-esque skinny suit.


Ironically, the ’60s retro slogan “Damn right your dad wore it” I referenced in my Mad Men post is bang on in this case.  This is my dad (and mom) in 1960:

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  1. David V

    I’m sure I have an early grade school picture from the 50’s of myself in one. When you got older you were expected to have learned how to tie a conventional tie and required to wear one.


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