Midnight Blue in Mission Impossible

I took advantage of the Christmas holidays to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol which featured a very Bond-esque climax with Tom Cruise’s character decked out in a smart tuxedo at a swank soiree.  It was only as the scene progressed that I began to detect the slightest hint of blue in his evening suit.  The effect was so subtle I had to confirm my suspicions by checking online after I got home: the tuxedo was indeed midnight blue (custom tailored by Armani).

If you want to see a perfect example of this formal hue’s understated elegance I recommend you check out the movie.  (It’s actually a pretty good flick to boot.)


  1. Jovan

    Yes! That looks fantastic. Far better than the prom date attire worn by DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt in “Inception”…

  2. Slantto@gmail.com

    I, too, saw MI:4 and was paying particular attention to the Black Tie scene.

    Before I found your Guide, I was assumed that not wearing any waist covering is acceptable, since virtually none of the characters wore cumberbunds nor waistcoats.

    I would you classify this as Contemporary Black Tie, yet you are using this as an example of Classic Black Tie.

    I am still having some difficulty deciding how to not match neither color nor fabric of a waistcoat with a black tie for my upcoming wedding. Can you please shed some light? Did I misunderstand your Guide?


    1. Peter Marshall

      Although Cruise’s tuxedo has a notched lapel the overall appearance of his outfit is very traditional so if I had to classify it I would probably say “semi-classic”.

      Regarding waistcoat and bow ties, the “don’t match” rule applies only to coloured or patterned waist coverings because bow ties should always be solid black in these situations. Conversely, if the waistcoat and bow tie are both black then they should be made of similar fabric e.g. silk or grosgrain.

  3. William D. Wright

    It’s funny that Mr. Cruise in the film wears a bow tie. The good sense to wear a midnight blue tuxedo was a good move. At the Oscars, he chose to wear the usual look that most have been wearing the last few years-the dreaded long tie-and it looks horrible. I don’t know what it will take to break men of this habit, but I wish the long tie with the tuxedo would completely vanish. Meanwhile, I will continue to wear a nice tuxedo properly for all of the formal events I do attend.


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