From Romania with Regret

A (dismayed) reader from Romania recently alerted me to what passes as formal wear in that country.  He describes Alexandru Ciucu tailors as Romania’s “most authoritative, most appreciated voices in menswear”, a claim seemingly backed up by the fact that they operate by appointment to the Royal House of Romania.  Here’s a sample of this prestigious firm’s formal offerings:

Perhaps the Romanian word for “formal” and “pimp” are very similar and something got mixed up in the translation.  Regardless, these are definitely among the 2012 candidates for The Black Tie Guide Hall of Shame.


  1. Sam R.


  2. A. R.

    Badly done morning coat+evening wear+bad floral print fabric = revolting. I’m going to wear a three piece suit tomorrow to make up for seeing this in my mind.

  3. David V

    Why, when I saw these ,did I think of Tim Burton?

  4. Hal

    Not good. They look like the idea behind them was to create something like the richly patterned gentlemens’ frock coats of the eighteenth century or Liberty print patterns. But failed to match either inspiration.

    I see that you have sections on evening wear for the military and the Scots on the Black Tie Guide. Perhaps there is room for other regional variations? I think the Germans sometimes wear Tracht (traditional styled) variants on the DJ. Are there any other countries that have their own take on the form?

    1. A. R.

      Agreed, I would love to see something like this.

      1. Peter Marshall

        I would be happy to post other regional variations but they would have to be written by someone fluent in the language of those regions so that they could properly research the topic. In fact, a reader from Japan has already offered to do this for traditional Japanese formal wear.

  5. Serpens Albus

    I don’t think the second one is all that bad. I can see it being used at home as a smoking jacket by some excentric individual smoking a pipe.

    As formal wear though – never.

  6. William D. Wright

    Maybe if there was a nice suit jacket as well as bow tie and cummerbund combo to go wit any of these? They do not look right at all.

  7. Anon

    These would make a fine costume for a cabaret magician, though…

  8. John

    here are some photos from his wedding. he’s making fun of style!

  9. John

    and there are a lot of public people in Romania who’s folloing this ugly style!

  10. John

    and imagine that the royal house from Romania is wearing his clothes! bleah!

  11. Frank

    Hard to fight with what is mentioned above and the images, although there are great Romanian Fashion designers which are acclaimed in Berlin Fashion Week, and well some of the Oscars hot pieces were created by a Romanian Designer, Maria Lucia Hohan there are some others that push the “pimp style” such as Florin Dobre. So there you go, things are not so bad within the Romanian Fashion.

  12. C. Ray

    Just imagine that it’s Dracula wearing it, and then it seems somehow OK.

    1. Cajetan

      I rather think that this might have been the true motivation for the count to relocate to London…


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