Hall of Shame: Alber Elbaz

Here’s proof positive that wealth and status don’t necessarily have anything to do with knowing how to wear a tuxedo, courtesy of renowned designer Alber Elbaz of the Paris fashion house Lanvin. Who knew that deliberately making oneself look fat and frumpy was considered stylish?

Thanks to reader Bruno Gontier for alerting me to Monsieur Elbaz’s take on black tie.


  1. A. R

    He seems to enjoy looking like a rather tasteless clown.

  2. Anonymous

    Another candidates: Marc Jacobs, Hamish Bowles and Cameron Silver in MET 2012. Simply emetic.

    1. Peter Marshall

      Thanks for the heads-up about the Met Ball. I had no idea this “Oscars of the East Coast” existed and will definitely have to add it to my annual red-carpet reviews!

  3. Luke

    Wow… It’s The Penguin.

  4. Ken Rusnak

    Apparently not ALL women check out the shoes first. Or maybe these two got cash up front.

  5. Ron

    I find the first lady’s red dress as unappealing as fat man’s mess. Is she trying to look like a 6 year old?


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