Great Expectations for Great Gatsby

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby was released on Tuesday and it looks to be the sort of visual extravaganza one would expect from the director of  Moulin Rouge.  Considering the story’s focus on the lifestyles of the rich and decadent in the 1920s, formalwear fans should be in for a real treat.   That treat will have to wait though; the film isn’t being released until Christmas.



December 30, 2012

Warner Bros. has announced that the film’s release date will be pushed back to May 2013.


  1. Hal

    What do you make of that very high (and therefore rather modern and less elegant) waistcoat Gatsby wears with his dinner jacket, though?

    1. Peter Marshall

      I presume you’re referring to the shot at the 1:20 minute mark in the trailer. It does appear to be a major gaffe on the part of the wardrobe department but I’m suspending judgement until I see the scene in context and in its entirety.

      1. Edward

        Gatsby’s supposed be an unrefined nouveau riche; it’d make sense for him to be a bit gaudy in his fashion


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