Bond’s Skyfall Dinner Jacket: Sneak Peek

(Sony Pictures)

The trailer for the next James Bond film has just been released and reveals that 007 will once again be donning his trademark formal attire. 

Skyfall will be rolled out across the globe starting October 26.  A complete list of release dates can be found at the official web site.


  1. E Rodebaugh

    Did you notice the color of Daniel Craig/James Bond’s Dinner Jacket when he escorted the Queen at the opening of 2012 Olympics? It appears as if he was wearing a midnight blue tuxedo, can you confirm this? Perhaps the production crew was afraid a black Dinner Jacket would look slightly green out of the controlled environment of a movie set/editing room and went with midnight blue.

    1. Peter Marshall

      It’s hard to tell from watching streaming clips on the web but it might be the same midnight blue dinner suit he’s worn in the past (

      1. Angela Spell

        Thanks so much Peter Marshall. Daniel Craig’s outfit here is my Oscar winner ~ touche! (


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