A New Morning Dress Primer

Dressing improperly for formal daytime affairs is now twice as inexcusable thanks to this week’s launch of The Morning Dress Guide by the editor of The Gentleman’s Gazette.

Like the Andrews and Pygott: The Morning Dress Guide that premiered last year, the new generously illustrated blog delves into the finer points of morning dress but with more detail.  The site’s creator Sven Raphael Schneider also offers a German-American perspective which is an interesting counterpoint to the British background of authors Andrews and Pygott.   Schneider has begun his guide with the history, details and accessories of the morning coat and will be expanding it to include the stroller, the frock and other garments for formal day wear.

Definitely required reading for formalwear aficionados.


  1. Farragut Jones

    Very interesting—especially since Andrews & Pygott seem to have stopped updating their site last Fall.

  2. Anonymous

    I request them to include Stroller in the guide, as soon as possible, because in my country and most of the world there is no opportunity for jackets with tails. Whereas an attire similar to suit but more elegantly would be accepted without difficulty


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