Hall of Shame: Tuxedo Knickers

The T. Barry Knicker Co. offers black-tie golfers these “luxurious Tuxedo Knickers”, a concept they describe as “eccentric elegance”.  Based on the getup shown in the photo I’d say that description is half right.

Thanks to dhermann for originally posting this travesty on The Fedora Lounge boards.


  1. Cygnus

    Certainly not my cup of tea…

    However, in looking through a copy of an invitation to the Queen’s coronation on 2 June 1953, it is interesting to note that the dress regulations specify that black breeches with buttons or buckles at the knee and black silk hose are to be worn with an ordinary evening dress jacket as an alternative to court dress, so apparently there is a precedent!

    (The invitation also allows for black waistcoats, though white bow ties are called for.)

    1. Peter Marshall

      Yes, there definitely is a precedent for black breeches in British court dress. However, the red socks, red bow tie and black-and-white spectator shoes in the above getup are all distinctly American.

  2. Hal


    Just wow.

  3. Don A.

    Another one of those awful crossovers or hybrids between formalwear and sportswear. Best avoided like the plague… or killed with fire.

  4. A. R

    I can assure you that anyone showing up to any of the semi-formal functions I attend dressed like this gentleman would be politely turned away. Disturbing…

  5. Terry Schartz

    Oh Good Lord Peter, I know in America there is an Unprecedented number of “style” failures but this is GWAD awful. LOL

  6. wdwright77

    I remember when I bought my last choir tux in the 80’s my tux shop (called The Tux Shop btw) had a set of what they called tuxedo shorts! I almost fell for that piece but then remembered that I had always been comfortable in a regular pair of tuxedo trousers regardless of heat. Therefore, that unique piece of clothing didn’t find its way into my formal wardrobe. In fact, I do believe that they probably sold a total of five pairs in their whole chain. If one thing could have convinced them to drop that article like a hot potato, it was the lack of sales, let alone rentals.
    I have always found that if I want to wear Formal Wear in the summer, it is best to wear a white DJ with tuxedo trousers, and everything else that you would wear with a regular tuxedo; trying to change up Black tie for a hot summer climate just does not work very well. I know too, that the UK climate doesn’t allow for the White Jacket to be worn very much, but that’s the breaks over there. But thank goodness the tuxedo short died a quick death in my time!


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