Daniel Craig at Skyfall Premiere

(Gf/Bauer Griffin)

(Gf/Bauer Griffin)

A number of comments have been made in recent postings about the tuxedo worn by Daniel Craig to the British premiere of Skyfall so I thought I should post a picture for everyone to see what the chatter is about.

Mr. Craig is wearing a midnight (navy?) blue evening jacket in place of the usual matching dinner jacket.  I think the look works because the jacket’s distinctive pattern and colour avoid a perceived mismatch with the black trousers.   At the same time the black collar creates a strong visual connection between the two garments.  The grosgrain bow tie and cummerbund speak to the sophistication we’ve come to expect of Craig thanks largely to Tom Ford who designed the outfit (as well as Craig’s onscreen wardrobe).

My only criticism is one that others have already pointed out: the jacket is clearly too tight. There’s nothing wrong with having a closely fitted coat  providing that fit comes from precise tailoring designed to mirror the countours of one’s torso.  In this case, though, the fit is derived from wearing a jacket so small that it pulls at the button, splays the fronts open to reveal what should be a hidden waist, and wrinkles the sleeve significantly.

(David M. Benett | Wireimage)


  1. Jovan

    Agreed. The navy dinner jacket has some historical precedence in the smoking jacket and seems a relatively tasteful alteration. But yes, they desperately needed to size up the jacket. It simply doesn’t work. His suits in QoS were MTM pieces. The ones in Skyfall are clearly off the rack, and the size was not chosen wisely.

  2. David V

    When I first saw this last week I thought the same thing. It works because of the jacket fabric’s distinctive pattern. If it had been a worsted wool it would not have worked. Which is why I can’t pull the trigger on the midnight blue jackets I seen while thrifting.

  3. David V

    …also. Note that even with the shorter style, Craig has the good style sense to wear waist covering!

  4. Hal

    The Tom Ford suits were apparently all fitted to Craig – with three fittings. The very tight fit is an entirely deliberate choice. I’m not keen either, a shame because beyond the too tight fit the suits in Skyfall were good.

    I thought that the dinner jacket in the movie was very nice and did not look as closely cut as the others.

    Craig’s wholecut shoes at the premiere were jolly nice too.

  5. jovantheun1337

    … they had three fittings and didn’t think once that all this bunching and pulling was unsightly? Fire whoever did that IMMEDIATELY.

  6. John

    At first I thought the jacket was a solid dark blue color, but as the high-res image reveals, there is a definite pattern that appears to be woven directly into the material. A much more interesting jacket than I initially suspected.

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