Justin Timberlake: (Dinner) Suit & Tie


Justin Timberlake released his first new single in six years last Monday and although it’s called “Suit & Tie” the associated promotional materials feature a tuxedo.  Considering the massive scope of this  marketing campaign  and its target demographic, one can only hope that multitudes of young men will discover the inherent elegance of the traditional black tie on display.  Take note guys: there’s not a long tie, wimpy wing collar or coloured cummerbund in site.

(Tom Munro/RCA Records)

(Tom Munro/RCA Records)


  1. Ken Rusnak

    He looked terrific in his Grammy performance in a perfect-fitting (not Tom-Ford-tight) tux. The two toned shoes were unfortunate, though.

    1. Jovan

      Tom Ford’s stuff generally isn’t tight, though.

  2. William Wright

    I was astounded by Mr. Timberlake’s enthusiastic acceptance of Black Tie! It makes me think there’s hope for the new generation. But it goes deeper than that: I believe that when Timberlake was married in the summer of 2012, his fiannce (sp?) told him he was going to have no choice but to dress Black Tie. I know he’s been sporting Tom Ford for at least 4 years and I have to say he looks extremely good in his Ford tuxedo. I am more impressed by his music than ever I may have been. I used to just think of him as a teenybopper gone astray, but no more. Justin Timberlake unlike Justin Bieber has grown up, is sporting a very mature look and as a guy who wears a tuxedo quite often, I am ver y happy to see him do so. Oh yes, the newest album-20/20 Experience is very much worth listening to!


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