Celebrity Tuxedo Brands

Robert Wagner tuxedo label

Although many celebrities have endorsed formalwear brands over the years, only a few can lay claim to their  own lines of tuxedos and formal accessories.  Here’s a rundown of this eclectic group.

In 1950 After Six debuted the formalwear industry’s first celebrity endorsement with the launch of a tuxedo line named after singer, actor and heartthrob Tony Martin.

The original celebrity tuxedo.

After Six’s next celebrity tuxedo was named for famous pro golfer Arnold Palmer.  This circa 1970 ad features supermodel Cindy Crawford, apparently a sucker for powder-blue formal wear.

After Six’s next celebrity tuxedo was named for famous pro golfer Arnold Palmer (circa 1970).

Legendary Tonight Show host Johnny Carson’s tuxedo was part of his own clothing line launched in 1970. This outfit features a “formal jumpsuit” under a white dinner jacket constructed from space-age Dacron polyester and Orlon acrylic.

Legendary “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson’s tuxedo was part of his own clothing line launched in 1970. This outfit features a "formal jumpsuit" under a dinner jacket of polyester and acrylic.

The Robert Wagner label, named for the dashing actor who portrayed a playboy detective in the 1980s TV series Hart to Hart, accounted for 85% of Raffinati’s business in 1984. In 1985 they added the pricier Robert Wagner Signature collection as well as Wagner shirts, cummerbunds and bow ties.

Robert Wagner Tuxedo

After Six’s line of Michael Jordan tuxedos was called “23 Night” after the basketball superstar’s jersey number.  It was launched in 1990 and would be the company’s last celebrity tie-in before going into receivership.

Michael Jordan Tuxedo

Reality TV lout Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino injected his douchebag style into FLOW Formal’s line-up in 2011.  (For more on this sad situation see my separate post.)

The Situation Tuxedo

On a related note, formalwear lines have also been associated with fictional personalities.  See my previous post on After Six’s Dynasty and Miami Vice lines.


  1. Melanie

    Reblogged this on Melanie Bennett and commented:
    Quality, stylish, and elegant formalwear at Celebrity Tuxedos…

  2. Jovanm

    … They gave someone from “The Jersey Shore” a formalwear collection. They gave. Mike Sorrentino. A formalwear collection.

    Jesus Christ, at least pick Hugh Jackman or someone else who has demonstrated they can wear black tie properly and still look cool and modern doing it. Even Robert Wagner and Michael Jordan, with their ’80s and ’90s-tastic looking dinner jackets were better candidates.

    1. Anonymous

      The post is clearly about collections sponsored by celebrities. Peter certainly choose that in order to make fun of it.

      1. Peter Marshall

        Actually, I just presented these as a matter of interest. I think a lot of the styles from the Tony Martin and Robert Wagner lines are quite smart.

  3. William Wright

    Fully agree with Jovanm here folks;; there are some celebs out there who know how to wear Black Tie properly. Even I know how to wear it properly! Seems that some of these folks never forget prom and they think it’s the only way to wear a tux. Well, they are WRONG!

  4. Cajetan

    Great post.
    It illustrates wonderfully the differences between
    – a proper dinner jacket (Tony Martin is near to it),
    – a poor dinner jacket (Michael, sorry for being honestly, but that would be what you are wearing),
    – prom-dress (“young” Jonny Carson), and
    – formal-wear inspired streetwear (no comment…).


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