Reader Role Models: Proper in Poland

MM_1Matt from Wroclaw, Poland used the Guide’s direction to purchase a very classically styled black-tie kit for his wedding.  Not having much luck with quality, style and price in his native country he turned to the internet where he found this smart tuxedo from Suitsupply, a Netherlands-based company that also has brick-and-mortar outlets in various countries around the world.  The material is super 110’s wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico faced in real silk and lined with Bemberg.  With a few adjustments by a local tailor (narrowing and lengthening the sleeves) the fit was perfect.

Matt had his heart set on a classic shield-shaped  waistcoat to match the suit and planned to have one tailor-made locally.  However, he had been advised that the different black materials would appear mismatched.  When he contacted me with his concern – one I hear often – I explained that this is really only an issue with off-the-rack garments.  In his case he would have the opportunity to deliberately select a waistcoat fabric that was similar enough in tone and finish to the tuxedo fabric that no one was likely to notice the difference.  Sure enough, the bespoke waistcoat turned out to be perfectly matched to the dinner suit and Matt is thrilled with the result.

This young man’s first venture into black tie would put a lot of seasoned gala guests to shame.



This post is part of an ongoing series showing real-life examples of how to successfully execute black tie. If you’d like to share your own success story please drop me a line.


  1. Stuff

    Awesome. Keep it up Matt.

  2. shaftoe

    He has nailed it…….he looks sharp!! Bravo.

  3. Jovan Gauthier

    Looking good! Amazing how guys with a far lower budget and the right knowledge can outdress the highest paid celebrities.

    I only wish SuitSupply’s peaks didn’t look so oddly proportioned and had a lapel hole on the left one.

    1. Duncan Pike

      The latter problem is easily, and inexpensively, fixed by a trip to the tailor. My tailor charges $15 for a functioning buttonhole and loop added to the lapel. I think it’s down to taste on this one, and your preference for a buttonhole being entirely valid. I have no button hole on my DJ lapel, and thought about adding one, but decided I liked how the lapel was “cleaner” without one. But I think they look sharp too, and single bloom boutonnieres are a great accessory with Black Tie.


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