Reader Role Models: Open-and-Shut Case

Stephen Ozcomert

Presented for the black-tie jury’s consideration is the case of Stephen Ozcomert, an attorney from Decatur, Georgia.  To look his very best at formal affairs and when performing on stage as a part-time classical singer, Mr. Ozcomert employed The Black Tie Guide and the knowledgeable staff at Custom Clothing of Atlanta to commission a made-to-measure three-piece tuxedo.  Said tuxedo features the following details:

  • classic peak lapels
  • single-button closure
  • flap-less besom pockets
  • grosgrain facing
  • low-cut evening waistcoat of matching grosgrain
  • impeccable fit

To complement the dinner suit, Mr. Ozcomert further obtained a custom-made formal shirt from the aforementioned tailors, wholecut calfskin oxfords by J.M. Weston and a self-tie faille bow tie by Robert Talbott.

I enter the photo above into evidence as exhibit A and rest my case.


This post is part of an ongoing series showing real-life examples of how to successfully execute black tie. If you’d like to share your own success story please drop me a line.


  1. CharlesM

    If the charges are that his outfit has a classic and timeless style, fits impeccably, and is worn extremely well, I would conclude that he is guilty on all counts.

  2. Duncan Pike

    Very nice, indeed! The lower gloss of the grosgrain lapels is a very nice element on this suit – let the amazing tailoring speak, without drowning it out. The break on the pants, really balances everything nicely, and those shoes are striking. The whole rig makes you look both mature and athletic. Spot on, sir. Spot on.

  3. Jovan

    Wow, that is exactly how a peak lapel ensemble should look.

  4. Hal

    I agree – very nice. The wholecut shoes are supremely elegant.

  5. Tony Chow

    Looks great. The only problem, at least from the angle in which the picture was taken, is that the jacket is a bit too long.


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