Formal Branding: Jura 2013 Campaign

Ever since Hollywood immortalized the tailcoat and tuxedo as symbols of the good life in the 1930s, marketers have sought to impart their prestige onto a wide range of products and services. This ongoing series highlights some examples.

Swiss espresso machine manufacturer Jura (YOO rah) calls their 2013 marketing campaign “Coffee culture for people with style.”  The campaign features Swiss tennis champ Roger Federer often in classic black tie.  The related TV commercial with Federer as a pseudo James Bond is available on Jura’s main Web site and on the home pages of most of their international sites – except the US and UK.    Instead, those home pages have a sort of prequel to the Bond spot that omits the Bond reference and focuses solely on Federer’s athletic aptitude.  That seems to miss the whole point of the campaign.  One wonders why it was decided that America and Britain would not appreciate the  genteel campaign offered to the rest of the world.


  1. Jovan

    American stereotypes, I’d guess.

  2. Cajetan

    Watching the two spots, it seems that they only achieve optimal effect if the second one is broadcastes after the first one has already run for some time. This will reinforce the nasic message with an interesting, new part of the story.

    This makes is rather strange that Jura runs the second spot directly…

    Besides, the machines advertised in the two sports are different. The marketing experts apparently came to the conclusion, that a black-tie setting does not fit to the machine in the first one.
    (well, that is what I assume…)


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