Hall of Shame: Cowboy Coats

Part of the research for my recent post on western tuxedos involved combing through formalwear rental sites, an endeavour that’s always sure to yield some horrific examples of so-called formal attire.  I thought I’d share the latest results with readers as an early Christmas present.  Just to be clear though, the following outfits are by no means a reflection on western tuxedos.  They are instead a by-product of marketing initiatives aimed at young men (and young girlfriends) who see little distinction between formal wear and Hallowe’en costumes.

No matter how little a man shaves or how much he squints, he's just never going to look tough decked out in turquoise accessories.

No amount of squinting or unshaven stubble will make you look tough if you’re wearing matching turquoise accessories.

Western Morning Dress: what British cowboys wear to weddings.

Western Morning Dress: wedding apparel for British cowboys.

This "duster style coat" just makes the guy look like a cowboy doctor.

Paging Dr. Yee Haw: This “duster style coat” bears far more resemblance to a lab coat than to horsemen’s outerwear.

Described as "classic notch western fulldress”.  These words should not go together.  Ever.

A combination described as “classic notch western fulldress”. These words should never be mixed  together. Ever.

The web site offered no description of this getup.  I, too, at am a loss for words.

The web site offered no description of this getup. I, too, am at a loss for words.


  1. Hal

    It is sad to realise too late what I could have worn to get married in…

  2. Duncan Pike

    The last one is nice. I don’t know how I made it past #1 without blacking out.


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