Hall of Shame: RoFo

(ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live)

(ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live)

This one really hits home: Here’s my clown of a mayor representing my favourite attire as poorly as he represents my beloved city.  The occasion was Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show last Sunday.

For the record, I didn’t vote for the guy because he was an obvious  idiot even before he was elected.  (Sadly, a sizable portion of my fellow Torontonians thought said idiot would make a great civic leader.)


  1. Angela Spell

    You go Sir Peter, do what you do in unabashedly speaking your truth! :^)

  2. Steve Harrison


  3. wdwright77

    I haven’t seen my City’s mayor in his tuxedo, but I can almost imagine it’s a lot like yours. Proof positive that even political types are NOT immune from bad dressing! That speck of white is even bigger than the normal sized crotch or is he not even wearing a proper waist covering? Crazy!

    1. Adam Williamson

      He’s wearing a cummerbund, but his pants are riding so low there’s a gap between it and them. First time I’ve ever seen that.

      1. wdwright77

        Maybe the man needs a set of braces. I ALWAYS make sure I have brace buttons sewn in if the tux pants do not come with them already. I also do it to my other suits, as the use of braces is far more comfortable and it doesn’t usually feel like I’m getting cut off at the waist. I highly recommend braces and when donning my tuxedos, they are usually white, but I also have one set of black braces for that time when I don’t care about having everything blend in. Of course, I always wear my tux jacket and depending on the cut, the braces can be seen just a hair or so. It just depends on how formal the event is as to whether I go white or black. The main thing is the look of the trousers with braces look so much better and eliminates the ‘crotch’ at the waist look that seems more prevalent these days.

  4. Duncan Pike

    In my opinion, the man needs much more help than a set of suspenders could provide. As a born, and raised, Torontonian, I was disappointed that I did not have the chance to vote against him. Go Leafs Go, anyway.


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