Brooks Brothers Spring 2014 Catalogue


Besides the parade of exposed shirt navels and one inappropriate pair of velvet loafers, the black-tie spread in the latest Brooks Brothers catalogue isn’t too bad.  Yes, most of the jackets feature notch lapels but at least all of them are one-button models.    And the shirts all feature turndown collars which sets a good example for readers who are unlikely to recognize the difference between Brooks Brothers’ perfectly suitable detachable wing-collar shirt and the flaccid attached-collar versions offered by pretty much every other retailer.


  1. CharlesM

    Velvet loafers and no socks? At what, judging by the women’s dress, would appear to be an afternoon function?

    You are right, it overall isn’t too bad by today’s standards, but is this really the best they can do?

    1. Jovan

      Brooks Brothers is desperate. They are trying to be too many things to too many people. I just talked about this with the owner of a haberdashery here and he agreed with me. They apparently aren’t doing the greatest.


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