After Six Expands Offerings


Two years ago I posted that After Six, America’s largest and most influential tuxedo manufacturer and wholesaler, had been liquidated in 2011 and the brand had been purchased by The Dessy Group.  At that time the new owners had just launched their first tuxedo under the After Six name, a  contemporary 2-button notched-lapel style called The Paragon that was being sold directly to consumers.

CEO Alan Dessy has informed me that the lineup has just been expanded to include more traditional offerings.  A one-button peak lapel and one-button shawl collar are now available, in addition to a new notched lapel style.    All three models are made in the USA from Lanificio di Tollegno Italian wool which is the same material used for J. Crew’s Ludlow suits.

Jackets retail for $375 and pants for $129.   They’re available at


The new After Six “Edward” model worn with an After Six laydown-collar tuxedo shirt.


  1. Jovan

    Glad they’ve expanded their ready to wear offerings a bit to offer traditional choices. However, the button stance is a tad high in the peak lapel model! Not sure why that is as opposed to the shawl collar.

    1. Peter Marshall

      I noticed that too. The product shots on their web site show that they have used the two-button stance of the notched-lapel model for their single-button peaked lapel.

  2. omschiefslr

    Yes, it was the first thing I noticed. We have been taught to appreciate the long V (is that gorge or gouge?) of the one button style. The lack of waist covering makes the shawl collared photo less than perfect, also

    1. Duncan Pike

      Not to mention the white bow tie.

      1. Hans Servando

        And the sick habit of put your hands into your pockets. Maybe it’s time to eliminate from tuxedo and suit trousers.

        1. Cajetan

          Leaves me to add complaints about the ridiculously short wing collar and the besom pockets (which, in the concrete example, have the positive effect of distracting the observers eye from the insultingly unshaved face…).

          But is this really a surprise? After Six continues to target the mass markets and the buyers on these markets have expectations that are conditioned by “celebrities” who dress without style and consider poor grooming as a sing of individuality.

          And white-tie-tuxedo has unfortunately received “official” support by the incumbent president; even if his latest changes are in a better direction, the examples of the past will excercise their influence (maybe we should start to dub this the “Obama Tux”, to distinguish it from more tasteful variations…)

          1. Hans Servando

            Besom pockets are the correct option. I find flap pockets just irritant in any garment.

          2. Cajetan

            You are completely right of course. I was not reviewing properly what I wrote.
            I intended to criticize the silk-trimmed besom pockets. They have the detrimental effect of drawing the eyes away from the face; especially on these photos where they seem to be of a different color than the lapel-trimming (probably due to the light, I think).

            You are completely right with flap-pockets. They are much to common to be attached to a formal jacket.
            Sorry for my poor choice of wording.

  3. CharlesM

    Is it just my curmudgeonly nature, or does the day-old growth of beard ruin the whole appearance? I guess it is preferable to look like an overage teen rather than an adult?

    1. Duncan Pike

      There is a general trend to the preference of extending adolescence, over entering adulthood.


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