It Never Hurts to Dress Up

This drawing is by a young artist with a longing for the lost days of style and formality.  I love how it captures not just the elegance of yesteryear but also a certain youthful innocence.


  1. rhinegraf

    Thanks for the link-back, friend 🙂 Its much appreciated.

  2. Hans Servando


  3. CharlesM

    I don’t know which is mor remarkable – the attention to detail or the the longing, in a young artist, for those lost days. Either way, a heartfelt Thank You to the artist, and also to you, Mr Marshall, for bringing it to us.

    It was especially timely in light of the ad in the NY Times a few days ago from a “Doctor” campaigning to abolish neckties altogether…

  4. wdwright77

    I’m getting caught up on my mail. I like this as it shows that even when you don’t expect it, the best surprise like this drawing is a good thing. It’s worthy of being blown up and posted at the head of the bed, or right before the dresser and closet. Thanks, for enlightening us.


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