New Direction for The Black Tie Blog

Nieuw Amsterdam shuffleboard

As I approach my 5oth birthday and The Black Tie Blog’s third anniversary, I’ve decided to shift gears and spend more time on living life and less on reporting it.

Even with a modest output of six or seven posts per month, the blog still requires a significant amount of research and writing time.  Once that’s combined with ongoing correspondence with Guide readers, occasional freelance journalism and lecturing, and various Guide-related special projects there’s not much time left for a personal life.  So I’m going to focus only on what’s most beneficial to the general public and most likely to compensate me for my time, starting with the eBook version of the Guide (which is already underway).  Future blog posts will be limited primarily to red carpet coverage as that is always a popular topic and a great way to keep abreast of formal fashion trends.  Fans of the black-tie minutiae previously covered by the blog will have to satisfy themselves with the 230+ past posts contained in the  archive.

Looking forward to once again having time to stop and smell the roses . . .




  1. LAStyleGuy

    Good for you. Our most-precious possession is our time, so it’s great you’ve done the introspection to use yours the way you feel is best. While we’ll miss your frequent posts, we need to be unselfish. Thank you on behalf of all your grateful readers; we wish you well.

  2. John Shelton Reed

    Good for you. I’ll miss the blog, of course, and I guess the Swellegant Supper Club’s 15 minutes of fame will have to wait, but you’ve certainly done your share of pro bono work. Thanks for a terrific education. I’ll buy you a drink in the Commodore Lounge if I ever see you there. John

    Some odd word choices, misspellings, and other errors have been produced by my iPad. Others are my own.


  3. Stephen

    Ah, looking very swank on the shuffleboard court I see. Perhaps you should start publishing some of the questions and such which you receive from readers.

  4. Hal

    As one of those more interested in the non-red carpet based posts, I’m sorry to hear I shan’t get a regular fix of well written, interesting articles about facets of – and in particular the history and social history of – formal wear. I hope there is still room for posting the occasional nugget and or illustration you’ve found, even if with rather less of the time consuming explanatory and accompanying text.

    But fully I appreciate the demands of time it must put on you and am impressed you manage to work, manage the website, write the blog and have a life at all. I think I would want to spend a bit of time enjoying myself, if I were you. You’ve given us a great resource. I look forward to future updates to the website and the downloadable ebook.

  5. Frak Burrell

    Thank for all the hard work you put in over the years and the great information you have provided. Why not select a successor to keep the blog going? Maybe there is one of your followers willing to carryon and that with some mentoring by you could keep this valuable blog viable into the future. This is an endless evolving subject and I for one would like to know what the latest trends are either good or bad. Maybe one of you readers will volunteer to take this on.

  6. Angela Spell

    Bravo Peter! I stand in agreement with you. This is your life, not a dress rehearsal. Enjoy yourself… Happy 50th Birthday Blessings of Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Love in Life!


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