Closeout Sale at Toronto’s Walter Beauchamp Tailors


The closing of Walter Beauchamp Tailors is a real loss for Toronto sartorialists.  The company began in 1908 by making military dress uniforms and came to count many of Toronto’s social elite as its customers.  I had a bespoke suit made there by their master tailor a few years back and it’s a work of art. Sadly, but understandably, third-generation owner Terry Beauchamp has decided it’s time to retire so the Wellington St. store is closing its doors forever in a couple of weeks.

The silver lining to this story is that the entire inventory of ready-to-wear quality menswear and accessories has to be cleared out and Terry is cutting prices by up to 70% to do so.  I took advantage of the sale to pick up a classic detachable-collar full-dress shirt by Frederick Theak (available in limited sizes) for a steal.


This gorgeous handmade English shirt is virtually identical to the Brooks Brothers full-dress shirt I previously reviewed, down to the trouser tab, bow tie loop and side slit for easy stud access.  Unlike the Brooks Brothers version, the Theak shirt does not come with a collar.  Although Terry actually has a few in stock, they were a little dingy from age so I’ve placed an order with Darcy Clothing for a brand new wing collar.

I also got a great bargain on an old-school mother-of-pearl stud and link set seen in the photo.

If you are in the city in the next couple of weeks you may want to drop by to see what bargains you can discover for yourself.  (Tell Terry I sent you and he might just give you an extra special deal!)



September 30, 2014

Happily, it was announced today that the newly launched Holt Renfrew Men store in Toronto has acquired Walter Beauchamp and will continue to offer their bespoke tailoring services in the new store.  (The current Beauchamp store is still closing for good though and therefore still offering great discounts.)

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