Suit Yourself: Panther vs. Lobster

(Tyler Anderson / National Post)

(Tyler Anderson / National Post)

Readers of my red-carpet reviews are well aware of my disdain for the short and skinny suit styling (formal or otherwise) that’s been so popular recently.  Today’s National Post has a pithy debate on the subject by advocates of the three different fits: tight, loose, and somewhere in between.  The best comment is from the moderate who describes the effect of low-waisted trousers, short jackets and a shrink-wrapped fit as fragmenting the body instead of unifying it into a sleek whole as a suit is intended to do.  He sums up the contrast as “the difference between looking like a lobster or a panther.”  What an apt analogy.

Tellingly, the advocate of the skinny suit is unable to offer any aesthetic benefits of his preferred style.  Perhaps he finds the marine crustacean look to be a flattering one.


  1. Reggie

    I just read the original article and except for talking about pleats I didn’t get anything from it except they each like the suits they wear, whatever those look like, and don’t buy a green suit.

    1. Peter Marshall

      On the contrary, two of the men very clearly explain the merits of the suits they wear and those merits apply to all men universally. (The third can only say that he likes skinny suits because they’re cheaper than a pricey oversized suit he was once conned into buying. He seems oblivious to the fact that price and fit have nothing to do with each other.)

  2. Jovan

    “And I’ll continue wearing clothes that actually fit, because hey, I’m particular that way.”

    Um, the other two guys’ suits do fit, just not in the way he likes. And I’d hardly consider something to fit when it’s wrinkling that badly in the trousers and sleeves.

  3. Jovan

    FWIW, I prefer a middle of the road cut more like the middle gent’s, perhaps with a slightly narrower trouser opening. However, the full cut of the right gentleman’s suits his body type better than the other two would. He needs to know the benefits of forward pleats though.

  4. CharlesM

    It is interesting how the tight trousers on the man on the left make him look slightly paunchy even though he isn’t. The tightness also wrinkles the shirt rather badly.

    I’d agree that the suits seem to fit properly on the other two, but I’d suggest the jacket is still just a bit too snug on the one in the middle. This causes both a bit of pulling when buttoned and the little white triangle that doesn’t look any better on a daytime suit than it does on a dinner suit.

  5. Babatunde Kareem Agoro

    Capital No Comment


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